LAC feature: The Raw Juicery

Hey, Ladies! As our very first feature I'm incredibly excited to share with you something that's not only awesome, but it's also been important to me and my journey toward living a more healthy and balanced life.

A couple years back I had surgery to remove a tumor from one of my ovaries. During the recovery period there was a time when my body wasn't able to digest whole foods quite yet, so my nutrition needed to come almost entirely from fresh pressed juices. I love juice as much as the next gal, but after awhile of nothing but, I had had it with so many bland or uninteresting juices. And then finally…

I stumbled upon THE RAW JUICERY! It was their flavor called Mother Earth that caught my eye (of course it did) and swept my taste buds off their feet. It's a green juice with a kick of lemon and ginger. I liked it so much I decided to give one of their other juices a try. And then another. And then another. And so on and so on, until I'd tried and loved them all!

We've got some tasty fresh pressed juice in the Los Angeles area, but what makes The Raw Juicery stand out is their knack for combining pure, natural, whole fruits and vegetables in beautifully unexpected ways. Organic, raw with a whole lot of craftsmanship. These people are straight up magicians. Or artists, I suppose, as they've been crafting from their production facility in the Arts District downtown for the last few years.

Whatever your system is craving to bring you back into balance, TRJ has a juice for you. Whether it's fruit forward, heavy on the greens, naturally sweetened with dates, or earthily decadent with cacao nibs and cinnamon, they've got you covered! (Do yourself a favor and try their Almondy Mylk - the delicate flavor of vanilla bean and Himalayan pink sea salt is just the perfect balance… and the perfect dessert!)

I can't say enough about these juices and the wonderful people who make them. They take pride in sourcing their ingredients consciously, with an eye towards finding them close to home and ethically grown, and organic absolutely whenever possible. No preservatives, nothing added. Pure. Simple. The perfection of nature.

Not only are they a go-to for a healthy boost but they can literally go to you if they are not already in your neighborhood! TRJ delivers your cleanse package right to your door, or you can opt to pick it up from one of their setups at local farmers markets around town. You can also find their bottles popping up in some of our favorite places around town, like Stamp Proper Foods in Los Feliz, Lamill Coffee in Silver Lake, Locali Venice, Love Coffee Bar in Santa Monica, and Zinc Cafe & Market downtown. And more to come soon, I hope!

Even if they're not at your neighborhood market quite yet, fret not. You can track them down online at And stay plugged in to their blog where they've got tons of useful information about health, fitness, why cleansing can be an important part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle (especially for us city dwellers), and a whole lot more.

We are so lucky to feature The Raw Juicery! Their juices were a rebooting treat for our ladies during our Fall Retreat and has played a key role in my journey toward a living life I want to live: happy, healthy, and connected to Mother Earth (actual, not just the fresh pressed juice version). I hope you'll check them out, and if you like their work as much as I do, let them know! We could all use a little love, right? Ladies Adventure Club thanks you The Raw Juicery for doing your thing so beautifully!

Until the next feature, stay juicy ladies - to your health and happiness!