Hibernation and Reflection!

Hello Ladies Adventure Club!

(We'd rather see you face-to-face in the outdoors but until then, a digital love letter.)

As Winter draws to a close, less the need to close-in and keep in the warmth. We've been away for the holidays, ready to shed our cozy coats and ready for the next adventure. Before we spring forward, we want to highlight the community from our last adventure. It feels like ages ago when we gathered for our Super Moon event and what a lovely mega moon it was!

We came together, like a vacuum of love and support for one another, to gather under the light of the closest full moon to Earth. We brought our strengths and our struggles, our beauty and our passions, encompassing an evening of peace. Maybe the outside world would not hear it, amidst its own chaos, but we left the world outside. Turns out, it was the best thing we did. No cell phones, no politics, no labels, nada - just ourselves. Our evening was all encompassing: filling the well through Yin Yoga, diving deep into each other's hearts through herbal tea and affirmations, and howling at the top of Griffith Park for moon salutations.

We want to thank the generous support of the women who made the event possible:

- Nicole, Doula/Reiki/Yoga services at Love Bloom Birth

-Jennifer, NY/Abu Dhabi based Yoga Instructor at Jen Stewart Yoga

-Adrienne, Yoga Instructor at Rose Garden Yoga

Sienne, founder of Ladies Adventure Club

-our wonderful volunteers who assisted with our tea and moon pendant craft

Every woman brought the community closer together. Simply listing our "Leadies" purpose does not do them justice for the gifts they offered that continue to carry with us on our journey. It is a labor of love to put on an event such as this and we are also so grateful to all who attended. Thank you humans for your generosity and spirit!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event! We leave you with the following questions: where are you and where can you make space to open your heart to your own adventure?

(Photos by Sabrina Hill, more photos to come!)